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CD's, Concerts and lots of travelling...

Hi Everyone !

I hope all of you are keeping well :-)

Springtime is here and in the meantime I have travelled thousands of miles and performed numerous of Concerts all over England, Holland and Germany. Since 6 months my overall sound has been improved tremendously,

thanks to my new EV Evolve 50's speaker system, and the wonderful Mackie DL16S Mixer, which is a mixer on my I-Pad. It's unbelievable really, normally I drag along this big mixer, but now the same possibilities of that big mixer I have on my I-Pad, and it workes brilliantly. In the meantime many fans have complimented me on the new sound, it's much more crispy, mellow and vivid. It makes performing even more fun then ever !!!

As I said, the concerts went great, wonderful sound and thousands of safe miles. At the moment I am home in Alkmaar, recharging my batteries and trying out some new repertoire. Music like, a Tina Turner Medley, the Piano Theme from Forrest Gump, etc..... Lovely music. At the end of June, I will travel to Bavaria to play 1 or 2 concerts, then straight after that, I will go to Switzerland for a Concert.

I also would like to thank everyone for your lovely comments regarding my new album. I am very proud of it and the sales are going really well. Slowly we are thinking about a new album, although that will take a long time of course. First, this new Sempra baby has to swim a bit more :-)

Slowly, holiday time is approaching too. In August my Mam and I are leaving for the North Cape, we have never been there, but looking forward to it. We are big fans of Scandinavia, with Norway as country nmb. 1.

At the moment of writing this, the first hot summer day is a fact. Outside my house, it's 29 degrees. After I have finished writing this blog, I will go outside and sit on the waterside, enjoying all the pleasure boats. That's the advantage of living in the town centre right at the banks of a canal.



I wish everyone a great time. Stay safe and hope to see you all soon