From Swiss highlight to deep sadness.....

Hello Everyone!!

I look outside from behind my desk and see the lots of tourists are having a great time in my hometown of Alkmaar. That's the beauty of living in the heart of a picturesque, touristic town. Pleasure Boats are passing and the sun is out. It's wonderful to be alive, and this week has proven itself to be grateful for every single day. I say that for a reason of course. This week we have lost one of the most talented Keyboard Players, his name is Mark Whale, and Mark was a dear friend of mine. Last 10 years Mark played for the Böhm company and our friendship became even more close in those years. Mark died last week. He was only just 53 Years of age. He will be greatly missed.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Switzerland, I just love playing in that beautiful Country. A Country I have been playing since 1997. Every year I am there to give Concerts. This time, the Concert in Zürich was a total sell-out. What a fantastic atmosphere, and what a joy to perform for so many people. In that same week, I've had a good chat with the top of Böhm. We have been talking about the future, and I can tell you.....A lot is going to happen and it's just awesome to have such a GREAT team behind me. Of course, I will keep you posted.

At this very moment, I am preparing myself for a big Concert-Tour of the UK. About 14 Concerts all over England, then at the end of the month an Open Air Concert in Germany, and after that gig, it's on my way to Denmark for 2 Concerts. No time to get bored hahahaha....!!

At the end of June I am playing another Concert in Holland again. It's in the town of Egmond aan Zee, a very nice coastal town in the neighbourhood of Alkmaar. 

Of course, I have been quite busy in my Studio again, producing rather a lot for I-Tunes, Spotify, Deezer, etc..... 2 new Albums are out, an Album with typical 50's Music and one with typical 60's music. Just go to my webshop on this website, scroll down to the blue bar which says: 'Online webshop of DirkJan', that will take you to my shop and all is available for streaming and download. Enjoy !

Enjoy the sun, speak soon!

Dirk xxx




About Music, Gigs and Birthdays :-)

Hi Everyone!

Great to see you here. It's still very cold outside, I have no idea where Spring is, although I do like the Winter, it's slowly time now for the Spring to arrive. I just love to go out with my camera and do a lot of photographing, Spring is just a great time of the year to do that.

It's a shame my first little Tour of the UK had to be cancelled due to the bad weather, but I'm all geared up for next week, I will be doing concerts in Holland, UK and Germany. In Germany I will be doing a show with my German Tenor Christoph Alexander, a man with an awesome voice, I really love working with him, we do about 3 to 4 concerts together every year. In April I'm off to Switzerland, which is one of my favourite Holiday destinations. I will be playing in the neighbourhood of Zürich, it's a Hammond Organ Museum, a brilliant venue filled with legendary Hammond Organs from all over the world, there is a stage in the middle of the main hall and there I will be performing my Concert on my Böhm Sinfonia ! Last year the Concert was sold out in 2 weeks, and it looks like this year is exactly the same.

I feel very blessed with all the great comments about my brand new DVD! It's always a bit of a 'wait and see' job with new productions, as one production is more successful than the other, but with this new DVD I'm very happy.

Yesterday we've had a party. My Mam celebrated her 79th birthday, bless her. She's doing ever so fine for her 79th, no one actually gives her that, they nearly all think she is late 60's hahaha...brilliant! So once in a while she joins me on a little tour and enjoys the concerts and meeting the fans.

Have a great day everyone!




Exciting times..........

Hi Everyone !

Man oh man.....very exciting times at the moment. The brand new DVD should be released any moment now, we are waiting for the German Record-Company. People say to me that I should be used to it, releasing new Albums and DVD's in all those years, to be honoust....yes, of course I am used to it, but that doesn't mean that every production is like giving birth really. And I do see all my productions as children :-) Plus the fact that this DVD Production is a very special one.

I am also preparing myself for this Friday, then I will be off to the UK for 2 Concerts, but when I look outside the weather is terrible, freezing cold and snow. I have also heard the forecast in the UK and it doesn't sound good with all the snow and the cold. I don't like driving in snow storms, but I don't have an option, contract is contract and I hate letting fans down, so....I will go and rock the place!!!

I also hope the fans are going to like my new repertoire. I seem to be in a Classical mood lately and with the beautiful 'Nocturne' from Franz Schubert I will be well on my way. I have also a beautiful new song based upon a theme from Verdi. Both I will play this weekend of course.

I have also finished the recordings and production of a new Digital CD-Album (only for download) It's the Lounge Bar vol.7 and hopefully it will be coming out within a couple of weeks all ready for streaming and download, jihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!! 

So, my dear friend, that was it for now, speak to you in the next blog !



First Blog

Hello Everyone !

A very warm welcome to my brand new Website, very first Blog ! Yeap, that's totally new to me, I've never Blogged before in my life hahaha. This is the ideal way to stay in touch with you all and share all the news. 

My year has started out just brilliantly. Lots of concerts and gigs booked for this year, and one of the most exciting things to come: My brand new Live Concert DVD......Yippeyyyyy !  I just can not wait for that. It's a 1h and 50 min. live concert, filmed with 6 camera's in a big Television Studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. The DVD has a luxury Digi Pack outfit, and will be sold world wide. Proud proud proud :-)

At the moment I am working on new repertoire for the new Concert season. It's going very well, songs from The Eagles, medley's from the musicals Les Miserables and Grease, some classics, etc...... 

A lot of changes this year, as I said before, a new Website, new DVD, and later in the year my instrument will get a massive upgrade, I can't wait for that, it's so going to be totally awesome !! New sounds, new styles, new lay-out, etc..... And maybe even a completely new CD album at the end of the year. We will see. the way: Did you know that I produce a lot of music for the internet? There is a lot to find in my online Webshop, for example, the succesfull Lounge Bar CD series. 6 online albums with nice, relaxing background music. Number 6 has just been released and I am working really hard to produce number 7 this month.

Anyway,better finishnow, speak to you soon, keep an eye on the Website, many more blogs to come.

Ciao for now.



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