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About Music, Gigs and Birthdays :-)

Hi Everyone!

Great to see you here. It's still very cold outside, I have no idea where Spring is, although I do like the Winter, it's slowly time now for the Spring to arrive. I just love to go out with my camera and do a lot of photographing, Spring is just a great time of the year to do that.

It's a shame my first little Tour of the UK had

to be cancelled due to the bad weather, but I'm all geared up for next week, I will be doing concerts in Holland, UK and Germany. In Germany I will be doing a show with my German Tenor Christoph Alexander, a man with an awesome voice, I really love working with him, we do about 3 to 4 concerts together every year. In April I'm off to Switzerland, which is one of my favourite Holiday destinations. I will be playing in the neighbourhood of Zürich, it's a Hammond Organ Museum, a brilliant venue filled with legendary Hammond Organs from all over the world, there is a stage in the middle of the main hall and there I will be performing my Concert on my Böhm Sinfonia ! Last year the Concert was sold out in 2 weeks, and it looks like this year is exactly the same.

I feel very blessed with all the great comments about my brand new DVD! It's always a bit of a 'wait and see' job with new productions, as one production is more successful than the other, but with this new DVD I'm very happy.

Yesterday we've had a party. My Mam celebrated her 79th birthday, bless her. She's doing ever so fine for her 79th, no one actually gives her that, they nearly all think she is late 60's hahaha...brilliant! So once in a while she joins me on a little tour and enjoys the concerts and meeting the fans.

Have a great day everyone!