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First Blog

Hello Everyone !

A very warm welcome to my brand new Website, and....my very first Blog ! Yeap, that's totally new to me, I've never Blogged before in my life hahaha. This is the ideal way to stay in touch with you all and share all the news. 

My year has started out just brilliantly. Lots of

concerts and gigs booked for this year, and one of the most exciting things to come: My brand new Live Concert DVD......Yippeyyyyy !  I just can not wait for that. It's a 1h and 50 min. live concert, filmed with 6 camera's in a big Television Studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. The DVD has a luxury Digi Pack outfit, and will be sold world wide. Proud proud proud :-)

At the moment I am working on new repertoire for the new Concert season. It's going very well, songs from The Eagles, medley's from the musicals Les Miserables and Grease, some classics, etc...... 

A lot of changes this year, as I said before, a new Website, new DVD, and later in the year my instrument will get a massive upgrade, I can't wait for that, it's so going to be totally awesome !! New sounds, new styles, new lay-out, etc..... And maybe even a completely new CD album at the end of the year. We will see.

Oh...by the way: Did you know that I produce a lot of music for the internet? There is a lot to find in my online Webshop, for example, the succesfull Lounge Bar CD series. 6 online albums with nice, relaxing background music. Number 6 has just been released and I am working really hard to produce number 7 this month.

Anyway,better finishnow, speak to you soon, keep an eye on the Website, many more blogs to come.

Ciao for now.